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5-12 hour day

Family Discount

2 weeks -3 years







Part Time

5 or less hour day

Family Discount

2 weeks – 3 years






3 years & potty trained -- 6 years


5 – 12 hour day

Family Discount







3 years & potty trained -- 6 years


5 or less hour day

Family Discount







Trinity Student discount             $3.50 per hour                        

    (before & after school)


Non-Trinity Students                            $4  per hour


Volunteering parents at Trinity Lutheran School (classroom helpers/field trips) may have child care for their younger children for the flat rate of $2.50 per hour.  The family enrollment fee must be paid and enrollment forms must be completed.  Parent must call the center by Thursday of the prior week to see if there is staffing for your child.


Parents may also drop off your child for care if you call the child care center ahead of time and if staffing allows another child.  Families must have paid the enrollment fee and have enrollment papers completed.  The charge will be $4 per hour for 2 or less hours of care, otherwise the cost for 2+ hours will be the half day rate.


As our family handbook states, please allow one week notice of changes in your child’s child care needs so that you will not be charged for days not in attendance.  Scheduling is done on Thursdays at noon.   We must have proper notification to adjust child care personnel to the required ratios.


Our phone number to reach Trinity Child Care is 989-868-4501.






Trinity Lutheran Child Care News

Trinity Child Care Newsletter

January/February 2015!

Seek first the Kingdom of God


Alivia 01/02 Gavin 1/11 Ryan 1/22

Leyton 2/19 Bethany 2/8 Justin 2/8

Outside Play

We do go outside on nice days where the feels like temp is over 20 degrees. We do not go outside in weather like we have been having, under 20 degrees. You only need snowpants, boots, mittens (mittens are so much easier to put on children rather than gloves) and hats then.

Child Care is open all the days of January and February. There will be no hot lunch on Monday, Jan. 19th.

If we have extreme weather and I cannot get staff to report in we will close the center. Personal phone calls will be made to those expected. Snow days do not count as one of your sick days so do not worry about having to pay for a snow day. Also remember that the school cooks do not come to school on snow days so please bring a cold lunch.

Fall Cold Season

Wash your hands and your child's hands for a germ free life. We are starting flu season again. If you wish to donate tissue boxes please do.

Lutheran Schools Week Jan. 25 – Jan. 30

To start the week off there will be a Pancake dinner in the gym Sunday, Jan. 25th at noon. We are asking for donations of instant vanilla or chocolate pudding, and for cans of Ready Whip. Come, eat and enjoy the families of Trinity.

* I am looking for someone to make our girls/boys bathroom look cheerful by paintings on the walls, if you have any ideas let me know! Hey you creative pintrest Mom's out there!

 *I would love someone to sew some Bible like clothes for us to have as dress-up, anyone have extra bathrobes or sheets?


February Tidings for Preschool 4’s

Our theme for the month is mail:  We will be making Valentine mail for Veterans, College kids and shut-ins.  If you know of someone who would like mail let me know.


Miss Oo likes to do the opposite of what is normal.  We will be going outside to play rather than play in the gym as normal. All 12 kids will bring in boots, snow pants, jackets, gloves and hats as we head outside to play in the snow. 


Mr. Jj collects junk, just like kids do.  We can make some neat art with your old junk.  If you have cool boxes, buttons, Christmas cards, lace, or other junk we would love to create with them.


Mr. Rr like to have races.  He is very fast. We are jumping over a rope, just as the big kids are ‘Jumping For Heart’.


Mr. Yy is so tired, he yawns all day long.  We will have a pajama day.  We are eating a yummy breakfast together.


Jesus loves us!              Ms. Wheeler



Tidings for Preschool 3’s for February


Old King Cole is a rhyme about a happy man.  He had his pipe, his bowls of yummy food, and his music makers.  At Jesus time we learn about 2 sisters, Mary and Martha, had their friend Jesus come to their house.  Mary was so excited, she just sat by Jesus visiting with Him, while Martha was so busy cooking and cleaning for Him.


I’m A Little Tea Pot rhyme has us pretending to have a tea party with our friends.  We love to pretend cook and shop for groceries.  At Jesus time we learn about the friends Prince Jonathan and shepherd boy David.  They played together and were best friends.


Pat a Cake rhyme has us decorating cakes for our friends.  We are learning what an initial is, and we will sing the song for all of our friends their special initial.  We will even sing with a J for Jesus.  At Jesus time we hear how Hannah cried for a baby.  God heard Hannah’s cries and answered her prayer. Jesus tells us to pray for our needs.


Wee Willie Winkie Runs Through the Town is a rhyme where Willie is wearing his pajamas.  We are going to have a pajama day too.  In the Bible, Samuel was the child of Hannah.  He was wearing his pajamas and sleeping at the church with Pastor Eli when he heard someone calling his name.  It was God!  He wanted to talk with Samuel.


In God’s Love   Ms. Wheeler




Child Care Tidings


The Big Kids have been playing games.  They like Sorry, and a guessing game called Speed Whiz.  If you have games at your house that your children are not playing please donate.  We have a Wii and the kids just love it.  They like Super Mario and the sports games like bowling.  If you have Wii games and extra equipment please add to our stash.


The 3 and 4 year old room would like dress up clothes, and old Halloween costumes for pretend play. They could use more toy kitchen dishes.  They also would like more match box type cars.


The toddlers love to draw and play with playdough.  If you would like to donate washable markers please do because ours wear out fast.  You should see them sing songs!  They love to sing and dance.


The crafts that the infants make with their little hands and feet are so neat!  Parents really like them.  Come to our hallway to see the latest prints on the wall.  We just had a diaper changing table donated and staff appreciates it.  We will need some double strollers for spring time walks so please let us know if you have one.  It needs to be recall free, so I will go on-line to check it out.


Child care wipes lots of noses so boxes of tissues are always welcome.  We use napkins, paper plates, and paper towels daily.  Crib sheets are always needed.


February is the love month.  We love our family God gave us.  We love our care givers.  We love our friends. And we are loved by God!  Each day our care givers tell us about God who loves us.


Michigan Child Care Center Food Program

We are in full swing with our new Michigan Child Care Center Food Program.  Our menu’s are planned with credible foods which meet state guidelines.  Meals and snacks are served in an appropriate time schedule.  Attendance is marked for every meal.  Families are to yearly complete eligibility statements.  Trinity child care is then accountable for providing every child with age appropriate meals and snacks to meet their needs.


 Child CareInfant/Toddlers and Preschool group children are to bring in your own child's blanket for rest time. You may keep your child's blanket in their basket for the week, but please take them home at the end of the week and wash them. Remember to bring them back in again at the start of a new week.


 Schedules are to be complete Thursday afternoons. Each child has 6 sick/absent days allowed each year before being charged for the day absent. Child Care scheduling is done on Thursday afternoons. If your child is to be absent please call the center so staffing will know and not worry about your child's absence. We have an answering machine if you call after school hours. Your family will be scheduled according to your contracted days. If your schedule changes please give notice before Thursday noon. If your schedule changes after our child/staff schedule time you will be billed for the day booked.


Trinity Lutheran Church and School   9858 North Street Reese, Michigan 48757  ph:989-868-9901