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5-12 hour day

Family Discount

2 weeks -3 years







Part Time

5 or less hour day

Family Discount

2 weeks – 3 years






3 years & potty trained -- 6 years


5 – 12 hour day

Family Discount







3 years & potty trained -- 6 years


5 or less hour day

Family Discount







Trinity Student discount             $3.50 per hour                        

    (before & after school)


Non-Trinity Students                            $4  per hour


Volunteering parents at Trinity Lutheran School (classroom helpers/field trips) may have child care for their younger children for the flat rate of $2.50 per hour.  The family enrollment fee must be paid and enrollment forms must be completed.  Parent must call the center by Thursday of the prior week to see if there is staffing for your child.


Parents may also drop off your child for care if you call the child care center ahead of time and if staffing allows another child.  Families must have paid the enrollment fee and have enrollment papers completed.  The charge will be $4 per hour for 2 or less hours of care, otherwise the cost for 2+ hours will be the half day rate.


As our family handbook states, please allow one week notice of changes in your child’s child care needs so that you will not be charged for days not in attendance.  Scheduling is done on Thursdays at noon.   We must have proper notification to adjust child care personnel to the required ratios.


Our phone number to reach Trinity Child Care is 989-868-4501.



Come and Worship

Thanksgiving/Christmas Church Services

Thanksgiving Eve – Dec. 26 7 p.m.

Wednesday Advent Church Services

5 and 7 p.m.

Dinners sponsored by various church groups 5:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Dec. 3

Dec. 10

Dec. 17 *7 p.m. service is the grades 1 – 8 Christmas service

Children's Christmas Concert

Dec. 14 3 p.m.

Child Care, Preschool, Kindergarten Children's Service

Saturday, Dec. 13 5 p.m.

Christmas Eve Services 5, 7, and 11 p.m.

Christmas Day 9:30 a.m.

New Years Eve 5 p.m.




Trinity Lutheran Child Care News

Child care tidings

Our Christmas decorations are displayed in our hallway, and in our rooms.

We are learning about the special baby Jesus!

The child care rooms are very busy.

We have a room full of infants, all hungry and needing cuddle time.

*We can use more baby girls clothes for when we need to change their clothes.

The transition room is full of energy, kids wanting to run. They are learning how to use the bathroom.

* I am looking for someone to make our girls/boys bathroom look cheerful by paintings on the walls, if you have any ideas let me know! Hey you creative pintrest Mom's out there!

The ¾'s room is where we get to play out life with the dolls, housekeeping center, train set, and writing center. We like real items for our housekeeping so save for us your old silverware, kitchen gadgets.

The morning school aged kids eat breakfast with Miss Lydia. The after school kids eat snack with Miss Theresa. They sure have a room full, and are full of energy after their busy day of school.

If you have too many toys at your house we love your donated toys.

*We especially like Barbie house furniture, Barbie and Kens, and Barbie clothes.

*We like legos (the small ones please, have tons of the Duplo size).

*We like anything princess.

*The kids have a blast with old dress up clothes such as hats and gloves (I have some 50 year old ones from my grandmother that the kids are always wearing). All the rooms could use new children's books because are get used so much.

*I would love someone to sew some Bible like clothes for us to have as dress-up, anyone have extra bathrobes or sheets?

Any Thrivent members out there want to come and make some Christmas crafts with the kids, talk with me and I could get $250 for craft items.

Trinity Child Care  Newsletter



Michigan Child Care Center Food Program

We are in full swing with our new Michigan Child Care Center Food Program.  Our menu’s are planned with credible foods which meet state guidelines.  Meals and snacks are served in an appropriate time schedule.  Attendance is marked for every meal.  Families are to yearly complete eligibility statements.  Trinity child care is then accountable for providing every child with age appropriate meals and snacks to meet their needs.


 Child CareInfant/Toddlers and Preschool group children are to bring in your own child's blanket for rest time. You may keep your child's blanket in their basket for the week, but please take them home at the end of the week and wash them. Remember to bring them back in again at the start of a new week.


 Schedules are to be complete Thursday afternoons. Each child has 6 sick/absent days allowed each year before being charged for the day absent. Child Care scheduling is done on Thursday afternoons. If your child is to be absent please call the center so staffing will know and not worry about your child's absence. We have an answering machine if you call after school hours. Your family will be scheduled according to your contracted days. If your schedule changes please give notice before Thursday noon. If your schedule changes after our child/staff schedule time you will be billed for the day booked.


Trinity Lutheran Church and School   9858 North Street Reese, Michigan 48757  ph:989-868-9901