2017-2018 SPORTS SCHEDULE

 B Basketball Schedule Change
Parents,  We have one minor schedule change for B basketball season.  Due to a gym schedule glitch at Immanuel, the game originally scheduled for Friday, November 10th at 6:00 PM at Immanuel has been changed to Friday, November 10th at 6:00 PM at Trinity.    The game will now be played at Trinity.  The date is still Friday, November 10th at 6:00 PM.  Thanks, Kyle Smith 


DATE                                   OPPONENT                        PLACE                                 TIME

Tues, Sept 5                       St. Paul United                  Home                                  4:45                     

Thurs, Sept 7                      Christ the King                   Away                                   4:30

Tues, Sept 12                     St. Michaels                       Away                                   4:30

Thurs, Sept 14                   St. Lorenz                           Home                                  4:30

Tues, Sept 19                     St. Peter Hemlock             Away                                   4:30

Thurs, Sept 21                   St. Paul Millington            Home                                  4:30

Tues, Sept 26                     St. Paul United (Lapeer)  Away                                   4:45

Thurs, Sept 28                   Christ the King                   Home                                  4:30

Sat, Oct 7                           St. Lorenz Invitational Tournament

Thurs, Oct 5                       St. Paul Millington            Away                                   4:30

Tues, Oct 10                      St. Lorenz                           Away                                   4:30

Thurs, Oct 12                     St. Michaels                       Home                                  4:30

Oct  19  & 21 TCLL Tournament                 Saginaw Soccer Complex/ St. Lorenz


DATE                                               OPPONENT            PLACE                                 TIME

Tues, Sept 5 St. Paul Lapeer       Away                                       4:45

Thurs, Sept 7                                 St. Peter Hemlock Away                                   4:30

Tues, Sept 12                                St. Paul Flint            Home  (Trost)                    4:45                     

Wed, Sept 13                                St. Micahels            Away                                   4:30

Tues, Sept 19                                Christ the King        HomeAway (Trost)                    4:30                     

Thurs, Sept 21                               St. Lorenz                Home  (Trinity)                  4:30

Sat, Sept 23       VLHS Tournament (A Team)

Thurs, Sept 28                             St. Paul Millington Away                                   4:30

Thurs, Oct 5                                  St. Paul Flint            Away                                   4:45

Tues, Oct 10                                  St. Paul Lapeer       Home (Trinity)                   4:45                     

Thurs, Oct 12                                St. Lorenz                Away                                   4:30

Fri. Oct 20                                      TCLL Tournament Host   (Trinity)                    4:30

Oct 20 & 21 TCLL Tournament Fri – Immanuel Bay City, St. Peter Hemlock, Trinity, St. Paul Saginaw

                                                        Sat – St. Paul Saginaw


TRACK 2018

DATE                   MEET                                                   LOCATION

April 28              St. Michael’s Inv.                               Reese HS

May 5                VLHS Meet                                          VLHS                                            

       * NOTE: Dates, times, and Locations are subject to change.



May TBD            Immanuel Track and Field Day       Trost                                                   

May 12             Faith Pre Regional                              VLHS                                                   

May 19               Regional Meet                                   VLHS

May 22             TCLL Relays                                         Reese HS                                                         

May TBD           Meet of Champions                          Lapeer W.HS

June 2               State Meet                                          Frankenmuth                   





DATE                                               OPPONENT            PLACE                                 TIME

Fri, Nov 10                                     St. Lorenz                Home (Trost)                     6:00                                    

Nov 11-12     St. Michaels Tournament (Girls)

Tues, Nov 14                                 St. Paul Flint            Away                                   4:45     

Fri, Nov 17                                     St. Paul Lapeer       Home  (Trost)                   6:00

Nov 18-19    St. Michaels Tournament (Boys)

Tues, Nov 28                                 St. Paul Millington Away                                   4:30

Thurs, Nov 30                               St. Peter Hemlock Home(Trost)                     4:30

Tues, Dec 5                                    St. Lorenz                Away                                   4:30

Fri, Dec 8                                        St. Michaels            Home    (Trinity)               6:00

Mon, Dec 11                                 Christ the King        Home    (Trinity)            4:30                                    

Fri, Dec 15                                     St. Paul Lapeer       Away                                   6:00      

Mon, Dec 18                                 St. Paul Flint            Home    (Trinity)               4:45      



DATE                                               OPPONENT            PLACE                                 TIME

Tues, Jan 9                                  St. Paul Lapeer         Home(Trost)                     4:45

Thurs, Jan 11                              Bethlehem                Away                                   4:30

Wed, Jan 17                                St. Paul Millington Home (Trost)                       4:30      

Fri, Jan 19                                   St. Paul Flint (Boys only) Away                           6:00      

Jan 20-21                           St. Lorenz Inv. Tournament (Boys)*Host

Wed, Jan 24                                St. Lorenz                  Home (Trinity)                   4:30      

Fri, Jan 26                                   St. Michaels              Away                                   6:00

Wed, Jan 31                                Christ the King          Away                                   4:30

Fri, Feb 2                                      St. Paul Lapeer         Away                                   6:00

Feb 3-4                                 St. Lorenz Inv. Tournament (Girls)*Host

Fri, Feb 9                             Peace (Girls) St. Paul Flint (Boys)Home(Trinity)      6:00

Mon, Feb 12                              Holy Cross                  Away                                   4:30

Feb 15-17         TCLL Tournament Thursday Boys – St. Lorenz, St, Michaels, St. Paul Lapeer, Holy Cross

                                                             Saturday Boys – Holy Cross

                                                             Friday Girls – St. Paul Saginaw, Christ the King, St. Lorenz, St. Michaels

                                                             Saturday Girls – Peace Saginaw                                                                                    

March 3-4 State Tournament @ CUAA/St.Paul

                                                                                                                        *Schedule Revised                                                                       

  July 01, 2017                                                                                

April 14 or 21                                Boy’s Volleyball and Girl’s Soccer                 VLHS           





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